What is a good age for children to start wearing contact lenses?

For many young people, wearing glasses is a necessary part of life that despite initial protests and doubts, becomes the normal, with the ability to change styles as they grow and fashions alter. However, often when children get to a teen or pre-teen age, wanting to wear contact lenses becomes something that they are more and more aware of.

So, with that in mind, just what is a good age to start introducing contact lenses to your eyewear routine?

As the majority of contact lens wearers will confirm, putting lenses into the eye is something that is initially quite a tricky procedure, yet once you’re used to it, it is just second nature. Therefore, when considering whether your child should wear contact lenses, one of the main issues is around whether they could administer self-care around putting the lenses in and taking them out. Having issues with lenses once they are in the eye is by no means inevitable, but there are no guarantees that a child will not need to deal with a contact lens ‘emergency’ when you are not around. With this in mind, around the age of 13 is often seen as a good time to introduce contact lenses. Naturally, if you feel your child can cope with them before then it is an option, but this is not the usual scenario.

Today’s lenses are getting increasingly easier to use. Whereas cleaning your lenses was something many people had to do on a daily basis, daily disposables are now available for even the more complex of eye issues such as astigmatisms. Choosing daily disposables for your children means there is no concern about them not cleaning their lenses thoroughly, so increasing the chance of infection, as well as knowing that even if they haven’t washed their hands properly, the risks of problems are dramatically reduced. They simply put the lens in the morning, take it out at night and start with a new pair of fresh the next day.

Also, whilst a mixture of wearing lenses and prescription glasses was often recommended, nowadays people can choose to wear their lenses seven days a week if they so choose. However, with glasses becoming far more of a fashion look, the image conscious teenager may choose a combination of the two quite happily.

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